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What certain famous people have said about


“Seeing Woody each week, seeing his strength and courage in the face of his great struggle was an inspiration to all of us at Becker. He gave us a lesson on life. He taught us to embrace the time we have, to love those we love.” 


Actor: Bored to Death, Cheers,

Curb Your Enthusiasm,

Damages, Fargo,

The Good Place and Becker

ted danson

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SNL's Alan Zweibel

candice bergen




"Tuesdays With Ted was not what I expected. When his father was dying of ALS, Woody took him in and made him a part of his own busy life--it doesn't sound like a romp. But it was. With each turn, my emotions moved from wrenching empathy and welling tears to an event outrageously funny or a self-deprecating example of the author's own perceived shortcomings as a father. Then on to an extraordinary outpouring of kindness and love for an old man that came from, of all places, a sitcom's cast and crew. Russ Woody may not have meant to, but his book is a lovely paradigm of what the months, days and minutes with a fading loved one should be."


Actor and Writer: Book Club, Carnal Knowledge,

Gandhi,The Group, The Sand Pebbles, T

he Wind and the Lion and Murphy Brown


bryan cranston

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"Russ Woody and I have many things in common; we’re the same age, and both raised in California. We share a love for comedy and drama in our show business careers, and both had a challenging relationship with our mothers. We live near each other, and would see each other frequently when he visited his dad’s home - just a couple doors down from the house we used on Malcolm in the Middle. Russ’ book is sneaky good. At first you think it’s an inside look at his life in show business, but soon you realize that it’s a rich story of love, friendship, and devotion. I really hate memoirs that just list all the fortunate things that happened in a person’s life… they’re boring. But Russ takes the reader through his emotional journey. His hopes and his insecurities. His desire to get every last valuable moment with his dad before he succumbs to the inevitable disease of ALS. Russ’ ability to so artfully describe his relationship with his dad over the long, slow goodbye tugs at your heart, makes you laugh, and affirms your faith in humanity." 


Bryan Cranston is an actor and writer: 

Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad

His autobiography is:

My Life In Parts


marsha mason



“I laughed out loud and cried too. Thank you so much for this lovely, brave, and funny book. You have taught us all how to lovingly prepare and care for someone who is facing death.”


Marsha Mason is an actor: 

Blume in Love, Cinderella Liberty, 

Frasier. Grace and Frankie,

The Goodbye Girl, The Middle


alan ball

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         "In Russ Woody’s Tuesdays with Ted, his father’s terminal ALS diagnosis sets off an unexpected chain reaction of love and generosity in, of all places, Hollywood and the TV industry.  Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, it’s not only a love letter to his father, it’s a celebration of life, and the boundless kindness humans can be capable of, even in the bleakest of circumstances." 


Alan Ball is an Academy Award winning

writer/producer of American Beauty, 

creator/producer/writer of Six Feet Under

 and True Blood


alan zweibel

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"Tuesdays With Ted belongs alongside Phillip Roth’s Patrimony and Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays in its expression of love for those who loved us first. I had always known Russ Woody as a writer whose work was funny with heart.  But in Tuesdays with Ted he has done the opposite –written a most passionate memoir that will make you laugh as well.  A must for read for anyone who has ever had a parent. I also wanted to smack him for writing something I wished I’d written."


Alan Zweibel:  

Original Saturday Night Live writer

and Thurber Prize winning

author of The Other Shulman



ken levine


“Russ Woody’s father has touched many lives, from his family to Ted Danson.  And I guarantee – you. Tuesdays with Ted is a heartfelt, funny, and deeply personal account of a courageous man, beautifully told by his loving son. This is more than a book; it’s a gift.”  


Ken Levineis an Emmy-winning writer

and producer of M*A*S*H, Cheers,

Frasier, and The Simpsons

among many others


tom fontana

"Tuesdays with Ted is the story of fathers and sons (with an occasional appearance by a cat).  Russ Woody has told his very personal story with humor, intelligence and, most importantly, love.  I'm still laughing and crying."

Tom Fontana is a writer/producer:

Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz,

St. Elsewhere, Tattingers, The Wire

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