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Lincoln's Mistake*



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he absolutely true and peculiar story about Lincoln's Veeps and how the wrong one became president. 
A unusual explanation for America's persistent racism. 

Based on the actual events that took place.
The stuff hardly anybody knows about.

* In fairness to Lincoln,
he had no idea the play at Ford's Theatre would end so badly.


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A delightful place to avoid death


(a half-hour comedy pilot)



omebody's trying to kill Dr. Alan Westbrook, and he's got no idea who. He's a successful psychiatrist in upscale  Plano, Texas  who's  having lunch  with   a  urologist friend of his

who gets shot in the head. Alan learns then that one of his well known clients has committed suicide. He pieces together what he can, and realizes someone with a great deal of money wants him dead. The only logical thing to do is disappear until he figures out who's doing this and why. And since Berkeley is the opposite of Plano, why not there?


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a  few  words  before  he's disconnected  from life support. After Fred's wife, son and daughter struggle to find fond words, the "plug is pulled." And they wait. And wait. And, while it's easy to remain cordial and respectful to your family when drawn together for a short period of time, things become strained after a week. After two weeks, less flattering memories of Fred emerge. Three weeks, some realize others aren't doing their fair share. After a month, there's impatience, frustration, complaints about the local motel. After a few months, there may even be a secret plot to rectify Fred's intransigence. Meanwhile, Fred's inner cerebral life is beyond fantastic. He has no intention of being dragged away by Death, nor does he have any interest in returning to his dismal Life.

ow that Fred Bitter's long and questionable life is nearly over, his family and friends have gathered to say

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A family waits.

And waits.


(half-hour comedy pilot)

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Effed Up!

Story of a family


(half-hour comedy pilot)



art of emotional manipulation (after a lifetime of practice). His married sister is a born-again Christian who disdains the LGBTQ community, hates her husband and fucks their pool boy. His  brother is a forty-something musician who refuses to give up his rock ’n’ roll dreams or his failing band Pink Lloyd. Now, with the sudden death of Robert's father, Robert finds himself drawn back into this ugly tar pit that is his family. 


obert Nirth is a thirty-something sarcastic insurance underwriter who spent most of his adult life avoiding his family.  His mother has mastered the fine


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One Nation Under Bob

(half-hour comedy pilot)

eLiria, Minnesota is a quaint little town near the US-Canadian border. And, though the people who live there don't know it, the town was cursed 150 years

ago. Bob Butterfield, however, has always known there was something wrong  the place. So he was more than happy to leave DeLiria as soon as he could -- intent on never having to return. But he does return. Many years later. And he's not at all surprised when -- in a case of mistaken identity -- he's named Honorary Mayor. Not surprisingly, when a twister sweeps through town and carries away the real mayor, the townspeople turn to Bob. Bob reluctantly agrees to help them apply for Federal Assistance, but learns that a shift in the Pigeon River (in 1877) lowered the Canadian border to include DeLiria. When the Canadian officials laugh at the idea that DeLiria is Canadian, Bob realizes that DeLiria is not part of either country. It is, in fact, its own country. Which makes Bob (to his chagrin) President of (the Nation of) DeLiria. 



Forever Together


It's something similar to love

(a half-hour pilot script)

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hil's girlfriend Trish has a bit of a temper. So, when he decides to break up with her, he wisely chooses to do so in a nice restaurant. Around   other   people.     Where   reactions 

must be subdued, non-violent. Trish, however, is greatly impressed with the restaurant and, when she learns Phil has something important to tell her, she knows it can only mean Marriage. Impulsively, she accepts before Phil has the chance to ask. After well wishes and cheers from the other patrons, Phil decides to broach the subject later. In his next attempt, meets Trish's father, who's says Trish is out, but he's so impressed with Phil that he offers him a lucrative job at his company. Phil, of course, accepts, and figures he'll deal with his impending wedding later. When he shows up for his first day of work, he's not-so-delighted to learn that Trish is his new boss. 

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