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The Wheel






"A delightful book, full of adventure and humor.  Rarely do fantasy and humor go together, but with the author's skill, it works in The Wheel of Nuldoid."          

"An entertaining and charming fantasy for young readers, The Wheel of Nuldoid is a very highly recommended pick."

"The intriguing plot and memorable characters make this one fantasy you won't want to put down"

"This book is an absolute treasure, a story that would be great fun to read to one's children over the course of many late-night bedtime storytelling sessions. Who knew that such delightful little creatures, full of quarrels and bad grammar, could exist? The world beneath the surface of Earth is full of wondrous things, all detailed with vivid awe. The story is unpredictable, which makes it that much more of an adventure to read..."



                             Young Adults novel that has been compared to The Hobbit, "but with a bite."  The Wheel of Nuldoid is an enchanting story, laced with humor and surprises, about an eleven year old boy, his school teacher and a beautiful artist, who journey to a spherical city at the center of the earth called Nuldoid.  There they find a city of small grumpy creatures who operated the machinery that keeps our earth rotating. 

ithin the spherical city of
Nuldoid, complaints and arguments were not
only expected, but mandatory.
It was a nation that shuddered
at the thought of nationality,
that outlawed "religious myopathy,"
"political idolatry," and put in stockades those
found guilty of "non-dissidence."
After all, etched in the stonework
of the capitol building were the words,

"E Pluribus Bicker."

The year was 2081.

Grampa Worst was dying, but before he did, he was determined to tell his three grandchildren--Henry, Joe and Francie--a story about the earthquake in San Francisco, 1989--the year before Grampa was born. 


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